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Team STIHL at the


Super Retreiver Series
Crown Championship
Little Rock, AR
May 27 - 28, 2011


The Super Retriever Series Super Dock Championship was held again this year at Riverfest in Little Rock, AR. The SRS hosted the best jumpers in the world, who all compete for the title of SRS Crown Champion. The Ducks Unlimited Super Fly and Duck Unlimited Super V competitions drew huge crowds as dogs tested their skills on the dock. An event comparable to track and field. Super Fly is the distance or long jump into the pool and Super V (Vertical) is the high jump competition also into a pool.


Team STIHL‘s Tom Dropik and his new Super Athlete Remi just came off a DockDogs World Qualifier where they won the Extreme Vertical competition with a HUGE 7’2” jump and felt they had what it took to compete at the Super Retriever Series Crown Championship in the Super Vertical event. SRS had a last chance qualifier scheduled on Friday May 27th so Tom decided to pack up Remi and risk a 12 hour drive to see if they could qualify for the Crown Championship on Saturday. When they arrived they found out they had to compete against some of the best Super Vertical dogs that have ever played the game. It was definitely going to test Remi’s abilities, that’s for sure.  Remi was definitely up to the challenge. Not only did he compete head to head with the best, he actually beat them. That’s right, Remi Won the Super Vertical with a HUGE 7’0” grab which not only Won the event, he beat the Best of the Best. Team STIHL‘s Tom Dropik and Remi have qualified for the SRS Crown Championship.

The Crown Championship’s Super Vertical was on Saturday. Along with temperatures in the mid 90’s and nothing but sunshine, there was a huge crowd and tons of exciting energy in the air. A field of 15 of the best Super Vertical dogs from across the country where there ready make a run at the crown. All the dogs had to start at 6’0”. As some of the dogs started dropping out at that 6’4” and 6”6” mark, Team STIHL‘s Tom Dropik and Remi still have not missed an attempt. 6’8” pass and Remi begins to show some fatigue, after all he ran hard on Friday and this was his first of 90 degree competition coming from a long Minnesota winter, but he nails the grab while a few others miss and drop out of the competition. At this time the HUGE Crowd is going nuts for Team STIHL‘s Tom Dropik and Remi. 6’10” comes and Remi still does NOT let the crowd down with a HUGE grab. Again, a dog or two drop out. 7’0” comes next. Remi’s spirit was there, but he just didn’t have the push, the mid 90’s got the better of him. He’s a well conditions dog, but the harsh winters of Minnesota did nothing to prepare him for that sort of heat that early in the year. Remi missed both attempts at 7’0” knocking him out of the competition.

Team STIHL‘s Tom Dropik and Remi are very proud to accept the 6th place ribbon at the 2011 Super Retriever Series Crown Championship Super Vertical event.

 “Remi is young and has a lot more huge jumps in him” says Tom. “The heat simply got the better of him this time around”. 

 “Thanks again for all your support STIHL”, “We couldn’t do it with out you” says Tom



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