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Aug 8, 2011
New Prague, MN

The weather continues to heat up and so do the High Flying dogs. Two more DockDogs National competitions have concluded, the St. Louis County Fair in Chisholm, MN and the Winnebago Country Fair in Oshkosh, WI. These competitions attracted competitors from as far away as Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota for a chance to earn National Points and a possible chance to compete at the 2011 DockDogs World Championships.



Team STIHL‘s Tom Dropik and his Super Athlete Remi are excited to be competing in the 2011 DockDogs World Championships in Extreme Vertical. "Remi is an intense E.V. dog" says Tom "When he sees that Toy suspended out over the water he goes in to a very intense mode". "That toy is his and he knows exactly what he needs to do get it". Well after 2 more National events, Remi has proven himself in yet another discipline, Speed Retrieve. "It's a very similar discipline, in the Remis mind anyway" explains Tom. The toy is suspended out over the water and he knows exactly what he needs to do to get it. Where Extreme Vertical is about Height, Speed Retrieve is about Speed. Yes, the toy is suspended out over the water, only it's at the end of the pool and only 2 inches over the water. It's very simple, the fastest dog to the toy wins. Remi is a very strong jumper and a very fast swimmer. After competing in a few more Speed Retrieve waves, Remi has proven himself by turning in some of the fastest times ever recorded in the sport. At the Chisholm event, Remi started turning heads by turning in very low 5 second scores. Then in Oshkosh Remi turned in a 5 second flat. Only one dog in the history of the sport has done that and that's the current #1 ranked dog Air Jordan. "I'm very excited to see the updated rankings" says Tom, "If my calculations are correct, there's a changing of the guard and Remi will surprise the Word".

Team STIHL‘s Tom Dropik and Remi have taken home a few more honors after these 2 events.

St. Louis County Fair: 1st place Extreme Vertical, 1st place Speed Retrieve, and 1st place Iron Dog.

Winnebago County Fair: 1st place Speed Retrieve, 1st place Iron Dog.

DockDogs is still in the process of tabulating all the scores from several events across the nation. There are still a few spots open for Worlds in Speed Retrieve and Irong Dog. "We're keeping a close eye out for the remaining invites" say Tom. "This could get exciting"

“Thanks again for all your support STIHL”, “We couldn’t do it with out you” says Tom.