Team STIHL's Tom Dropik and Remi head east to the 2011 DockDogs National Championship


Snowshed Lodge
Killington, VT
October 7 - 9, 2011

The 2011 National DockDogs Championships will be held at beautiful Snowshed Lodge in Killington, VT. The event will take place during the final weekend of the award-winning Killington Hay Festival, a celebration of the Vermont harvest and is expected to bring in over 300 of the most experienced teams from all parts of the country -- and their fans -- to compete for the National Championship within their divisions in Big Air, Extreme Vertical, and Speed Retrieve. Team STIHLs Tom Dropik and his World Champion Star Athlete Remi will be  there competing in their Best Events Speed Retrieve and Iron Dog.

Team STIHLs Tom Dropik, a Dog Trainer and Founder of SportMutt, an organization dedicated to improving canine performance through education, and Remi are fresh off a Huge win at the 2011 DockDogs World Championships where they were crowned 2011 World Champions in Speed Retrieve, and also earned the title of 3rd best Iron Dog in the World. Tom is excited to be taking that Energy to the last Big Event of the DockDogs season. "Remi is on Fire right now" say Tom "he's in incredible physical condition and is ready get after that toy one more time".

Tom and Remi, with their energy and interaction between each other, are always Exciting to watch and always put on an Entertaining show for the spectators.

"STIHL has been a HUGE supporter of ours over the years. I want to thank STIHL for all their support."
"We couldn't do this with out you STIHL"
says Tom



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